Best Wild Man in Australia

Mick Fanning has spent most of his life outdoors, such is the luck of a world champion surfer.

So it comes as no real surprise that he's passionate about preserving the world around us and the environment that has given him so much.

Now, in his first big move since his break from surfing, he's teamed up with Australian conservationists 'Wild Ark Mark Hutchinson' in their endeavour to save some of the world's wildest places.

"Connecting with nature and the outdoors has always been core to my every day," Fanning said.

This past month the surfer headed to Alaska's Bristol Bay in his first expedition with the group..

Fanning joins founder of 'Wild Ark' Mark Hutchinson, in exploring the 74,000 square km of pristine Alaskan wildness, which is also under threat from a proposed open pit gold and copper mine, known as Pebble Mine.

"I'm baffled that parts of the state are constantly under threat of open pit mining. The mining companies refer to the land in Alaska's southwest as "desolate", Fanning said.

"Well, after camping, hiking, fishing and flying over this zone I can tell you it is the opposite of desolate. This place is alive!"

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